(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. comfort, alleviation (see relief); assistance, welfare, aid; substitution, substitute; projection, convexity.
1. relief, deliverance, easement, softening, alleviation, mitigation, moderation, palliation, soothing, assuagement, slaking. See refreshment, improvement, restoration.
2. solace, consolation, comfort. See aid, content.
3. lenitive, restorative, palliative, alleviative, anodyne, tranquilizer, painkiller, analgesic; cushion, oasis. See leniency, remedy.
1. relieve, ease, alleviate, mitigate, palliate, soothe, salve, soften, mollify; poultice; spell (see substitution); assuage, allay, disburden, lighten; quench, slake.
2. cheer, comfort, solace; remedy, cure, refresh.
3. be relieved, breathe more freely, take comfort, breathe a sigh [of relief].
1. relieving, consolatory, comforting, soothing, assuaging, assuasive, balmy, lenitive, palliative, remedial, curative.
2. at [one's] ease, comfortable, content, contented; relaxed.
Quotations — Diseases desperate grown by desperate appliance are relieved, or not at all (Shakespeare), Time eases all things (Sophocles).
Antonyms, see increase.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [The act of bringing succor]
Syn. mitigation, easing, easement, alleviation, assuagement, softening, comforting, remission, deliverance, release, extrication, amelioration.
2. [Aid]
Syn. assistance, support, maintenance, welfare; see aid 1 .
3. [A relieved state of mind]
Syn. satisfaction, relaxation, ease, comfort, release, happiness, contentment, cheer, restfulness, a load off one's mind*; see also comfort 1 , ease 1 .
4. [The person or thing that brings relief]
Syn. diversion, relaxation, consolation, solace, reinforcement, supplies, food, shelter, clothing, release, break, respite, remedy, nursing, medicine, medical care, redress, reparations, indemnities, variety, change, palliative, drug, painkiller, anodyne, analgesic, hypodermic, balm, cure; see also aid 1 .
5. [The raised portions of a sculptural decoration or map]
Syn. embossment, projection, rilievo (Italian), high relief, half relief, bas-relief, low relief, hollow relief, intaglio, frieze, contour, configuration; see also decoration 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
release, alleviation, easing, relaxation, mitigation, soothing, amelioration, succor, letup, respite, palliation, balm, help.
ANT.: intensification, aggravation, worsening
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun 1. The act or an instance of helping: abetment, aid, assist, assistance, hand, help, succor, support. See HELP. 2. Freedom, especially from pain: alleviation, assuagement, ease, mitigation, palliation. See INCREASE. 3. Assistance, especially money, food, and other necessities, given to the needy or dispossessed: aid, dole, handout, public assistance, welfare. See HELP. 4. A person or persons taking over the duties of another: replacement. See SUBSTITUTE.

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